Maps of the new Atlas: Amphibians

Sillero, N., J. Campos, A. Bonardi, C. Corti, R. Creemers, P.-A. Crochet, J. Crnobrnja Isailovic, M. Denoël, G. F. Ficetola, J. Gonçalves, S. Kuzmin, P. Lymberakis, P. de Pous, A. Rodríguez, R. Sindaco, J. Speybroeck, B. Toxopeus, D.R. Vieites, M. Vences (2014): Updated distribution and biogeography of amphibians and reptiles of Europe. Amphibia-Reptilia 35: 1-31.


Order Caudata or Urodela (salamanders and newts)

Family Hynobiidae Cope, 1859 (asian or asiatic salamanders)

  • Salamandrella Dybowski, 1870

Family Salamandridae Goldfuss, 1820 (true salamanders and newts)

Calotriton Gray, 185

Chioglossa Bocage, 1864

Euproctus Gene, 1839

Ichthyosaura Sonnini and Latreille, 1801

Lissotriton Bell, 1839

Lyciasalamandra Veith and Steinfartz, 2004

Pleurodeles Michahelles, 1830

Salamandra Garsault, 1764

Salamandrina Fitzinger, 1826

Triturus Rafinesque, 1815

Ommatotriton Gray, 1850

Family Plethodontidae Gray, 1850 (lungless salamanders)

Speleomantes Dubois, 1984

Family Proteidae Gray, 1825 (olms)

Proteus Laurenti, 1768

  • anguinus Laurenti, 1768 Olm

Order Anura (frogs and toads)

Family Alytidae Fitzinger, 1843 (painted frogs and midwife toads)

Alytes Wagler, 1829

Discoglossus Otth, 1837

Family Bombinatoridae Gray, 1825 (fire-bellied toads)

Bombina Oken, 1816

Family Pipidae Gray, 1825 (clawed toads and pipa toads)

Xenopus Wagler, 1827

Family Pelobatidae Bonaparte, 1850 (spadefoot toads)

Pelobates Wagler, 1830

Family Pelodytidae Bonaparte, 1850 (parsley frogs)

Pelodytes Bonaparte, 1838

Family Bufonidae Gray, 1825 (true toads)

Bufo Laurenti, 1768

Family Hylidae Rafinesque, 1815 (tree frogs)

Hyla Laurenti, 1768

Family Ranidae Rafinesque-Schmaltz, 1814 (true frogs)

Lithobates Fitzinger, 1843

Rana Linnaeus, 1758